"The earlier we empower children, the less likely they are to
become victims of violence or bullying!"

Oliver Becker, Founder of SecuKids® 

Our children need protection and safety! 


Children are curious, believe in the good and want to explore the world. It is a central and important issue for parents to protect children from violence. But parents are not bodyguards who can protect their children 24 hours a day, because they are "unprotected" in daycare centers, schools, clubs, leisure time and many other areas. They themselves are unaware of the dangers that lurk around them and rely on what their parents tell them along the way.


"Don't go with a stranger, don't get into a car with a stranger, etc.!" are educational tips that we adults have already received from our parents. While these "instructions" may have worked 20 or 30 years ago, our society has changed greatly. Today, this advice can be very dangerous for children, because perpetrators are rarely strangers.


When children do experience violence, in whatever form, the consequences are often dramatic and long-lasting. One of the most important tasks of violence prevention must therefore be to educate children to be independent, because this is the only way to enable them to have a childhood that is as carefree as possible.


Children must learn to be safe, strong and self-confident as early as possible, because these children are demonstrably less likely to become victims of violence. With the SecuKids® program, we give your children protection and security!


Protect your children - we know how! 



Oliver Becker

Founder of SecuKids® Child Protection

Certified Close Protection Agent


Frequently Asked Questions

My child is shy. Does SecuKids® help?


Absolutely. Children (and adults too!) who can't hold their own are more likely to be victims of violence of any kind. It is precisely such children who need to be made safe, strong and self-confident through a program like SecuKids.

Are parents present at a SecuKids course? 


No, because that makes no sense at all. SecuKids® was developed so that children can protect themselves when they are alone. In the presence of adults (including teachers, caregivers, educators, etc.), children behave differently, learn differently, and feel safe in the presence of adults. This is exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve with the children. 

Is SecuKids® a martial arts program?


The SecuKids® program was designed by a bodyguard and security expert. It is based on essential elements from personal protection. These include intuition, preparation and perception. A SecuKids® security training is about early recognition of danger and realistic chances of not becoming a victim of violence, or getting out of the victim role. SecuKids® safety training has nothing to do with martial arts.   

Where do the SecuKids® courses take place? 


SecuKids® is available at selected locations around the World and the number is growing all the time. The SecuKids® program is also taught in daycare centers and schools. It is also possible to organize a SecuKids® course yourself, e.g. at a birthday party. Just contact your local SecuKids® Instructor! 

The SecuKids® program is the only violence prevention program recognized by the

International Association of Personal Protection Agents!