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When I developed a programme of security training for children of VIP’s/UHNI’s as part of personal protection in 1998, I had no idea how important the issue of violence against children would become. In 2003 there were two brutal attacks on children in my hometown in Germany. I was stunned by the horrendous methods the offender used to attack, abuse and kill the children.  


At the request of many parents, I made my security training for children public at that time. My SecuKids™ Security Training helped them to give their children more freedom. Today more than ever children need protection and security. We live in times of rising violence and children are increasingly becoming victims of that violence, because they are one of the weakest members of society. That these circumstances will change in the foreseeable future is certainly not to be expected. Our children and their parents therefore need support, which is offered with my SecuKids™ Security Training.