About us

Personal Protection Agent and Security Expert Oliver Becker conceived an awareness training for endangered personalities as early as 1998. The aim of the becker security® training was to sensitize clients and their families to dangers in their immediate environment. To this day, Oliver Becker and his team train clients in matters of personal security.

Since the demand for security training, especially for children, was growing, Oliver Becker made the becker security® training available to all children, daycare centers, schools and clubs under the name SecuKids® - Security for Children in 2004. To this day, SecuKids® is a successful and popular violence prevention program for children aged 5 to 12.


SecuKids® always trains natural instincts in children in small groups, such as the perception of their own feelings through intuition, fear and courage, and thus significantly promotes the ability to recognize dangers at an early stage and to take action. It has been proven that strong and self-confident children are less likely to become victims of violence, whether bullying, assault, violent crimes, etc.


In order to protect children in the best possible way, the SecuKids® team today offers a wide range of seminars, education and training for parents, schools, daycare centers, clubs and institutions that work with children. The training to become a SecuKids® child protection officer is unique in its form and future-oriented - always for the benefit of our children.


SecuKids® is the only violence prevention program in the world certified by the largest personal protection association, the International Association of Personal Protection Agents.


For almost 25 years it has been proven - with SecuKids® safety trainings children are safe, strong and self-confident!

  The SecuKids® Executive Team