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Take Responsibility for the protection of children now! 

for Day Care Staff, Schools, Kindergarten, Entertainment & Amusement Parks, Child Protection Centers, Governments

Those who work with children have a special responsibility. This applies to individuals as well as to organizations and institutions. But is everyone aware of this responsibility? The protection of children must always be a central component in the daily work and the contact with children.


How does child protection actually work? 

The security expert and personal protection agent, Oliver Becker, has been working in international personal and official escort protection for over 25 years and developed the successful program for prevention of violence against children SecuKids®  back in 1998. Oliver Becker founded the SecuKids® Academy in Berlin to train adults on the subject of child protection and prevention of violence.


Children need protection and security - and they need adults who are willing to take responsibility. Every measure for the protection of children counts. Thus, for many institutions and associations, the voluntary designation of a child protection coordinator must be an important element in the protection of children entrusted to them.  

Oliver Becker conveys his knowledge and experience as a martial arts and self-defense instructor for children as well as violence prevention. His courses, seminars and trainings are always exciting and lively.


Why should anybody become a Child Protection Coordinator? 

Way too often, organizations of any kind that have children regularly on their remises shy away from the idea of training employees in child protection.


They often say "we don't need it" or "we know our people well". However, whenever a hideous case of child abuse is uncovered, it's also discovered that the offenders were trusted by all and had been actively building that trust for years until they could act without fear.

This course is not about raising suspicions on everybody. It's about learning how to professionally recognize early signs that something might be wrong and knowing what to do. It's about the children to be protected.

No institution is exempt from being lured into these situations. But you want to be sure that you took all correct measures to avoid that happening. 

Are you ready to take responsibility?

In this Course you will learn:

• Why perpetrators of child abuse often manage to act inconspicuously for years - or even forever.

• Why most affected institutions do carry direct responsibility for not having taken appropriate measures to protect their children.

• To understand common patterns that could indicate steps prior to child abuse.

• To create an atmosphere of common responsibility for all children in your institution. 

• The right way to keep track and report suspicious activities.

• Children rights and our legal duties to ensure they are protected.

The online course will held by our Education Partner 

International Association of Personal Protetion Agents

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Course Outline:

Concepts for child protection, code of conduct, extended certificates of good conduct, immediate measures in case of suspicion, internal/external communication, crisis management



The course familiarizes the participants with the topic of child protection and child welfare risks, refreshes existing knowledge and provides the necessary skills to be able to act in the best interest of the child in case of suspicion. 


The participants will receive a certificate as a Child Protection Coordinator from the SecuKids®Academy and recognition by the International Child Protection Union (ICPU)



Min. 18 years old


Course Format:

The first part of the  course 

consists of recorded videos to introduce the student to the main topic. The second part is a live seminar with SecuKids® Director of Education Felipe Tsoy.


US$ 199.00 

The course fee includes all costs, certificate and checklists.