SecuKids® Program

The SecuKids® safety trainings are designed according to the "less is more!" principle, because children are quickly bored and/or cannot concentrate for long. Therefore, due to the subject matter, we consider it particularly important to achieve a lot in a short time, so that quickly implementable and sustainable results, for the protection of children, are achieved. When it comes to child protection, there is no room for experiments - which is why we have been making children safe, strong and self-confident since 1998!  

Strong children are proven to be less likely to be victims of violence and bullying!

In our safety training, the SecuKids® instructors teach the children how important their own body language is, for example, and what "signals" it sends out. We use intuition and perception to train the children's danger radar and how this can help them avoid getting into dangerous situations. SecuKids® also teaches the children how important it is today not to do everything to please others, because they also have rights that they should assert without becoming perpetrators themselves. SecuKids® helps children to gain inner strength and self-confidence through their own behavior. 

SecuKids® Child Protection Workshops
SecuKids® Workshops for Kids from 5 to 7 Years 

Violence in daycare centers is considered a taboo subject today, because it is hard for many to believe that children already experience violence in daycare centers. In reality, however, children often have to assert themselves against dominant children of the same age and are often not yet able to set their own limits and express their will. But other forms of violence also occur more frequently and children are often unable to classify for themselves what violence is and where it starts. They are then overwhelmed by such situations and withdraw.


In our SecuKids® safety training for the little ones, they learn in a playful way how to protect themselves from violence. With small role plays and through descriptive and easy-to-understand stories, the SecuKids® instructors:in show how children recognize dangers and act correctly. This also includes body language and voice. They also teach the children how important it is not to put up with everything and to gain strength and power through their own behavior.

This safety training is suitable for children who will soon be moving from daycare to school, or simply for children who need to become safe, strong and self-confident at an early age.


Duration: 90 minutes

SecuKids® Workshops for Kids from 8 to 11 Years 

Children are curious and want to explore the world. They like to test their parents' limits, but don't know their own. This brings with it dangers from which we must protect our children, because parents are not always there to protect children. This makes it all the more important to empower children and give them knowledge that will enable them to protect themselves.


In our SecuKids® - safety training we strengthen the children's intuitive abilities at an early stage. They learn how to deal with fear and how to use it positively for themselves. In addition, we strengthen the self-confident appearance, so that the children do not fall into the victim role. Through exciting role plays, the children learn how to deal with violence and how to act correctly in dangerous situations.

This safety training is suitable for all children who need to become safe, strong and self-confident at an early age.


Duration: 180 minutes

SecuKids® Self Defense

SecuKids® Self Defense is our newest program since 2020 and combines the content from SecuKids® safety training with meaningful and age-appropriate self-defense for children between 7 and 12 years. In a weekly training session (similar to card or judo), experienced SecuKids® instructors teach a workout specifically designed for children, which also includes fitness, exercise and fun. 


The program is based on the successful Shunryu® Tactics safety training by SecuKids® founder Oliver Becker and SecuKids® instructor Felipe Tsoy.


The SecuKids® Self Defense program teaches children how to behave correctly (also at school, for example) in order to better assess potentially dangerous situations and apply the right strategies. Through SecuKids® Self Defense, children also learn values such as fair play, respect, courage, discipline and politeness. 


SecuKids® Self Defense is a weekly all-around effective and meaningful program to protect our children!