we care


We are SecuKids® and take responsibility for the people who are not doing so well or who depend on help from others. Together with our instructors, we support various aid facilities for children and young people with special needs. 


For example, we run SecuKids® and TeenProtect® workshops free of charge where parents cannot afford the course fee. We also donate to children's hospitals or support the construction of a school in Tanzania/Africa. 


We love our work for and with children and see them as our future. But it doesn't help to always talk but not act. We care and see ourselves as an important part of the community. 


Together we are strong!    



SecuKids® support

Dr. Jane Goodall

The Green and Humanitarian Organization - Tanzania/Africa

The Kingdom of Bhutan - Her Majesty Gyalyum Sangar Chosen Wangchuck

Der friedliche Drache e.V. 

Lebensstift gGmbH

International Child Protection Union

and many more! 

"Be happy, but never satisfied"
Bruce Lee